“Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is nothing.”  Simon Barker.


We make wine we feel is honest and representative rather than a copy of something from somewhere else. Wine that reflects the true character of the Blind River terroir that is our home.  Wine that adds texture and balance to the intensity of the world famous Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs.
Our belief is that winemaking starts in the vineyard and that fruit carefully tended and managed using sensible, sustainable methods requires minimal intervention from the winemaker to show its potential. The result is wines of quality with unique flavour profiles  – wines with a crispness and minerality not found elsewhere in Marlborough.

We judge ourselves more by the honesty of our wines than the accolades we earn. We continually seek improvement and to minimize vintage variation by blending our wines blind rather than repeating what we did last year. And we try and make our process  transparent and open.

“Sensible, practical viticulture, as considerate to the environment as possible.”  Simon Barker, Winemaker

Simon Barker, Winemaker, has made wine in Napa, Sancerre, the Languedoc, Greece and even England before settling down in Marlborough in 2002.

Vanessa Barker, Viticulturist, spent her early years at Villa Maria. She has nearly 20 years of experience advising growers across Marlborough and is an expert in the area and the development of new vineyards.